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Enjoy New wellness stay!

Enjoy New wellness stay!

Your marriage in hotel Victoria!

Your marriage in hotel Victoria!

Beer Bath

Beer Bath



Domestic products of the Farmhouse Hotel Victoria.

Domestic products of the Farmhouse Hotel Victoria.

Home brew beer is dispensed directly from tanks

Home brew beer is dispensed directly from tanks

Homebrewed beer in our brewery.

Homebrewed beer in our brewery.

Adventure Golf and Fitness park

Adventure Golf and Fitness park


Hotel Victoria is a modern hotel with family atmosphere. The hotel is situated in a quiet locality of Stráne at the foot of Martinské hole, the center of the town Martin is reachable on foot. The hotel was founded in 2005 and a new accommodation segment was built in 2008. The hotel disposes of 65 rooms with 138 beds. There is a wifi internet access available in the whole area of the hotel Victoria. The hotel interior is purposefully designed, a barrier-free access enables you to deliver bigger articles to a company event and it provides also a trouble-free access for families with baby carriages direct from parking place.

Hotel Victoria

The aesthetics emphasizes pure lines, the hotel is sensitively set into the beautiful surroundings of Malá Fatra and with its pleasant charisma the hotel offers you many nice experiences.


Rich offer of services

A part of the hotel Victoria is also its own brewery Victoria that through its originality completes the gastronomic experience of this 4-star hotel. The restaurant offering homemade specialties, Brewery Lounge or air-conditioned Congress Room Congres with its 200sqm provide a room for various company and social events. Tennis courts, squash, bowling, swimming pool, saunas and massages complete the comfort needed for an active relaxation and harmonization.

We are a family-type hotel and children are an integral part of the family. There is a summer-mini-zoo belonging to the hotel that is a nice experience for every little visitor.

Hotel Victoria is a modern designed hotel suitable for both business and relaxation with family.


You will sleep well at our hotel!

The hotel disposes 65 rooms with 138 beds with extra beds. The hotel offers 4 suites and 3 maisonette suites, loved especially by children. Rooms are equipped with a bathtub or shower enclosure. All rooms offer a barrier-free access with a lift! You can enjoy a free wifi internet access everywhere. A part of the equipment is a hairdryer, a safe, a mini-bar and cable television. On the room you will find everything you need for your comfort.

Room Standard












The news is a new category of Standard Plus rooms that provide comfortable accommodation with a balcony with spectacular panoramic view of the Great mountains. In addition to the conventional standard equipment includes air conditioning and large-screen TV with a wide range of high quality satellite programs.Room Standard Plus









Hotel Victoria represents a healthy and quality sleep, for which you do not have to travel long distances. Fresh, clean air and pleasant surroundings of a quiet locality of Stráne at the foot of Martinské hole are the basis for your peaceful and undisturbed sleep.









There is also a new apartment Superior,  who, with a floor area of up to 70 m2, including two balconies, luxurious amenities with air conditioning and two large screens, and meets the most demanding criteria for the convenience and comfort of hotel guests Apartment Superior







  • 56x DR standard  room– double room
  • 3x FR – family room
  • 3x apartments JS - NEW!!!
  • 3x DR Standard „Plus“ – NEW!!!
  • 1x aparment „ Superior“ –NEW !!!

Price list (valid from 1.6.2017)

Room type Price
1/1 Standard

1/1 Standard with air condition

75 EUR

85 EUR

1/2 Standard

1/2 Standard with air condition

89 EUR

99 EUR

1/2 Standard ” PLus” 109 EUR
Family room 100 EUR
 Apartemetns JS  129 EUR
 Apartment “Superior”  149 EUR
Extra bed + 25 EUR

The price does not include the local charge 0,50.- EUR for one person and day.

The accommodation price includes 8 EUR breakfast with hotel homemade products, parking, wifi, wellness, parking, wifi, wellness (swimming pool, saunas, whirlpool) except of massages.

Cancellation fee

In case that the booked room is not occupied, we will charge from the accommodation price the following cancellation fees:

  • 15 – 30 days before arrival 30 %
  • 7 – 14 days before arrival 50 %
  • up to 6 days before arrival 100 %


Exciting experiences

Refresh your stay at our hotel with various sports or cultural activities in the hotel surroundings. If you are interested in any of the following activities, you can get further information direct at the reception or you can ask for information via e-mail


For our tennis players there are 4 clay tennis courts in the hotel are ( 2 of them are whole year round). Our visitors can also try our 2 professional squash courts  in a building next tou the tennis courts. It is possible to cooperate with professional tennis and squash trainers.Tenis Squash




For our visitors there are  2 automatic bowlingo alleys, digital simulation of animal hunting  and 2 biliard tables. In case you are interested in these activitie, please do not hesitate to contact our reception.

BowlingHunting Biliard













Outdoor activities

Cultural activities

Activities arround

  • fitness centre (cca 5 min from hotel) Vonsgym fitness / aerobic, Harmónia fitness / aerobic
  • shooting area – open air Objekt 23
  • aeromuseum
  • shopping centre Tulip
  • Gallery


    The hotel interior is purposefully designed, a barrier-free access enables you to deliver bigger articles to a company event.



    Room Size Capacity (persons) Price / day
    Window Air condition
    Tables / banket
    School sitting
    Reception / kokteil Cinema
    Congres 220 m2
    (18,5m x 12m)
    150 170 180 220 600 EUR yes yes
    Congres I. 110 m2
    (9m x 12m)
    80 90 100 110 300 EUR yes yes
    Congres II. 110 m2
    (9m x 12m)
    80 90 100 110 300 EUR yes yes
    Saloon 45 m2
    (4,5m x 10m)
    25 - - 40 100 EUR yes yes
    Meeting room 33 m2
    (5,5m x 6m)
    25 25 - 30 80 EUR - yes


    Groundplan (clic to resize)

    Conference rooms

    Room Size Capacity (persons) Price / day
    Window Air condition
    Tables / banket School sitting
    Reception / kokteil Cinema
    Lobby bar 450 m2 150 - 250 - - yes yes
    Restaurant 105 m2 80 - - - - yes yes
    Saloon „El Barco“ 30 m2 - - 20 - - - yes
    Vine celar 25 m2 - - 15 - - - -
    Brewery saloon 70 m2
    50 – 70 - - - 150 EUR yes yes

    Audio technic

    Sound congress sound and video
    Technique 3 x dataprojector, 3 x screen, TV, flipchart
    Internet WI-fi and DSL in rooms
    Office services fax, PC, print, copy, telephone



    Farmyard of the hotel Victoria**** is situated in a beautiful natural scenery of Slovenské Pravno on an area of approx. 20 ha. A part of it is also a poultry farm with a poultry-run and a pig farm as well as adjacent pastures for cattle, sheep and goat-breeding.

    Our gastronomy puts special emphasis on preparing foods and drinks using high-quality raw ingredients. Our food not only looks appealing and tastes great, but it is also healthy and of high quality.
    For this reason we have decided to build up a farmyard with our own poultry-, pig-, sheep-, goat- and cattle-breeding.

    Our poultry-raising meet the strict criteria of the French standards, so-called „Label Rouge“: chicken, hens, turkeys, geese and ducks are raised on litter in a poultry-run. Such a poultry-raising takes place in a natural environment of these animals, without stress.

    Our guests in groups (minimum 15 persons) can visit this farmyard and they can see the way that we breed and feed animals. It is very instructive and enriching to experience a genuine natural atmosphere. Nowadays, there are very few such opportunities available. Many children and not only children have never seen a chicken, a pig, a calf, a sheep, a goat ….beyond cartoons.

    We make at the hotel a number of our own products from fresh milk such as cheese, cottage cheese, yoghurt. We bake also own bread. We make all these things according to traditional and natural procedures, without artificial enzymes, preservative food additives and color additives. It is also possible to experience this during your stay at our hotel and you can take your product home. The brewery and products from the farmyard are our own steps that pave the way for healthy and quality food.

    Brewery Victoria

    We prepare home brew beer according to traditional recipes with procedures based on natural substances only. We brew beer from hundred-percent ingredients – grain malt, hop and water. It is water that is important, because it gives the beer its uniqueness.

    Brewery personnel

    Our mini-brewery represents a modern closed technology with the capacity of approx. 600 hl / year. The production is very variable with the possibility of wide range of beers in small batches.

    Our beer

    • Victoria Pils 12°
    • Victoria dark 13°
    • Victoria Weizen 13°
    • Victoria red Ale 14°
    • Victoria Porter 18°
    • Victoria Opát 20°

    For more information, see the page of our brewery.


    Good food

    Hotel Victoria is a family-type hotel and our guest is a family for us, therefore we prepare for you only good food using good ingredients. Our hotel has its own farmyard that is situated in the beautiful nature surroundings of Slovenské Pravno.

    We prepare for you homemade yoghurts, cottage cheese, ricotta, smoked and non-smoked cheese, we bake our own bread and make our own jam, sausages, ham. With the arrival of spring we prepare for you meat specialties exclusively from our own breeding. Game specialties and feasts are a matter of course at our hotel. Feel yourself at home.


    Hotel restaurant for up to 60 people is a dining center of the whole accommodation facility. A pleasant get-together, homemade beer, meat selected from our breeding, carefully chosen selection of wines and qualified staff that can advise you when needed, what you could like. Our staff is a part of our hotel family. They will take care of you in a very skillful and friendly way, so that you are satisfied and a get-together in the restaurant is a pleasant gourmet and social experience.


    We prepare home brew beer according to traditional recipes with procedures based on natural substances only. We brew beer from hundred-percent ingredients – grain malt, hop and water. It is water that is important, because it gives the beer its uniqueness. For more information, see the page of our brewery.

    Wine cellar

    Wine cellar
    A friendly get-together with wine or an instructed wine tasting of Slovak and foreign wines? Our wine cellar enables you to experience at an oak table a feeling of discovering new tastes, getting to know the varieties and types of wine or pleasantly spent time with your friends.

    Lounge „El Barco“

    Lounge El Barco
    A get-together with your business partner after a successful business meeting in a stylish lounge with the possibility to taste good cognac, whiskey and cigars opens new possibilities for your business

    Lobby bar

    Lobby bar
    Modern furnished room for 250 people is intended for serving the congress participants and it offers a rich selection of party tables with hot and cold dishes.


    Viliama Zingora 9820
    03601 Martin
    GPS: 49° 04′ 48″ N, 18° 54′ 09″ E

    Price list of accommodation and services

    Price list is valid from 20.08.2013.


    Rent Price
    1 line / hour 15 EUR
    2 lines / hour 26 EUR


    Rent Price
    1 hour. 4 EUR


    Rent Price
    1 hour a court summer – 6 EUR
    winter – 15 EUR


    Rent Price
    1 hour a court summer – 9,6EUR
    winter – 9,6EUR


    Rent Price
    1 hour 15 EUR


    Code Massages Time Price
    M1 Classic massage of back and neck 30 min. 12 EUR
    M2 Classic massage of legs and feet 30 min. 12 EUR
    M3 Whole body massage 60 min. 24 EUR
    M4 Reflex massage of feet 45 min. 20 EUR
    M5 Indian head massage 45 min. 20 EUR
    M6 Lymph massage of decollettage and face 45 min. 20 EUR
    M7 Head and face massage with natural stones 45 min. 20 EUR
    M8 Soft techniques 45 min. 20 EUR
    M9 Massage with hypotension 45 min. 20 EUR
    M10 Back and neck massage with hot aroma candle 30 min. 14 EUR
    M11 Whole body massage with hot aroma candle 60 min. 28 EUR
    M12 Massage with natural honey 60 min. 28 EUR
    M13 Chocolate massage 90 min. 38 EUR
    M14 Lava stone massage – back and neck 40 min. 22 EUR
    M15 Lava stone massage – back and back side of legs 60 min. 28 EUR
    M16 Lava stone massage – whole body 120 min. 56 EUR
    M17 Herbal sachet massage – back, shoulders, back side of legs 40 min. 24 EUR
    M18 Herbal sachet massage – whole body 60 min. 33 EUR
    M19 Ear candles 30 min. 15 EUR
    M19 Body candle 30 min. 15 EUR


    Code Compresses applicated on back Time Price
    Z1 Wax compress – eukalypt 30 min. 15 EUR
    Z2 Wax compress – lavender 30 min. 15 EUR
    Z3 Wax compress – rosemary 30 min. 15 EUR
    Z4 Wax compress – chocolate 30 min. 15 EUR
    Z5 Wax compress – honey 30 min. 15 EUR
    Z6 Peat compress 30 min. 15 EUR


    Kód Balík Celkový čas Cena
    B1 Any compress 30 min. + back and neck massage 30 min. 60 min. 25 EUR
    B2 Any compress 30 min. + reflection feet massage 40 min. 70 min. 33 EUR
    B3 Any compress 30 min. + whole body massage 60 min. 90 min. 37 EUR

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    Wellness & Spa Victoria


    Enjoy a pleasant relax in our new, more beautiful and better


    We have prepared a package of services, which you can indulge in perfect relaxation of body and spirit.

    Discover the charm  of relax and enjoy the beneficial effects of various treatments.

    Our aim was to create an environment in which you achieve the complete feeling of well-being and can escape from the stress of hectic  world.

    Indulge to a completely unique experience form Beer bath



    Swimming pool

    Swimming pool located in the center of premises Wellness & Spa is the dominant of the environment and with a length of 15 m is an ideal place for active recreation. The water temperature is 26-27 ° C and a depth is 120-150 cm.In  the pool is located waterspout, which is used for massage purposes. Next to the pool are  placed chairs which are an ideal place for rest and refreshment (water, fruit, tea)


    Whirlpool massage pool with a capacity of 4-6 people and a water temperature of 36- 38 ° C is room for complete relaxation and blood circulation. By  staying  in the whirlpool bath you can pamper your body with a hearty warmth, massage and strength needed to relax and warm up muscles and joints.



    In the complex Wellness & Spa are several types of saunas, the beneficial effects of sauna you can enjoy in the Finnish sauna, infra sauna and steam herbal sauna


    Beneficial effect on the immune system and prevent diseases of colds. High temperatures and low humidity is effective for the blood circulation of the skin and a increase the body temperature of 1-2 ° C. The increased blood circulation and overheating  of the body improves the function of muscles and reduces the pain . Recommended time in the sauna is max. 15 minutes, the temperature in the sauna is 90- 100 ° C,


    It represents a modern method of sauna bathing in which the body is heated

    from the inside and the effective perspiration occurs at temperatures of

    35- 55 ° C. Infrared radiation is invisible to the eye. It is the spectrum of red

    light, but its effects on the body can feel as heat energy. Efficient infrared heat

    radiation penetrates below the skin surface to a depth of 3-4 cm (more deeply

    than dry sauna) and induces a range of curative and health restorative processes.

    The effects of infraredsauna is good for people with cardiovascular and

    respiratory problems, by encouraging circulation.